Buffet signs

A buffet restaurant will require clear and informative buffet signs. As well as the usual signs that convey opening hours and price, there should also be signs with directions so that guests know where to go, and which end of the buffet to start from. The buffet itself can feature further information signs such as 'all you can eat'. Customers will also appreciate signs that detail the type of food and the ingredients within each dish.

Buffet signs can follow the general theme of the restaurant, or if the buffet is just a weekly or monthly occurrence, they can be designed in a way that makes them stand out from the normal day to day running of the restaurant.

Examples of Buffet signs

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Aluminium sign

400x150 mm

£44.17 incl. VAT

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Plastic sign engraving

160x76 mm

£9.72 incl. VAT

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Acrylic sign

297x210 mm

£84.90 incl. VAT

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Brass sign

154x43 mm

£31.38 incl. VAT

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